3 Reasons to Offer eTransfers

3 Reasons to Offer eTransfers Canada’s email money transfer (EMT) service, commonly known as eTransfer and owned by Interac, has beensteadily growing in popularity since its launch in 2003. By allowing Canadians to send money to another person’s email or telephone number through their financial institution, Interac simplified the process of making payments digitally long […]

What Is The Payment Hub?

What is the Payment Hub?   One payment platform to rule them all! The Apaylo Payment Hub is a payments-as-a-service platform that allows merchants to send and receive money online using our three core payment rails: Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs credit/debit), Email Money Transfers/e-Transfers (EMT send) and Bill Pay.  Apaylo has brought together everything that […]

Do Digital Payments Really Reduce Friction and Frustration?

In physics class, we all learned that friction is the force that resists the relative motion of materials (be it surfaces, fluid layers etc) from sliding against one another. More friction, more resistance, simple. So what is payment friction, and are you experiencing it? The second answer is likely yes, but first, let me explain […]

The History of Email Money Transfer in Canada

Pioneering Digital via Payments Canada and Interac Digital payments have become an essential method of money transfer in Canada, used by both private individuals and companies alike in their financial management. The software and physical equipment to accommodate these payments process more than $200 billion every business day according to the Bank of Canada. One […]