Payment Hub

One payment platform to rule them all! The Apaylo Payment Hub is a payments-as-a-service platform that allows merchants to receive payments from customers, and to send payments to contractors and suppliers through their bank account, or digital wallet. We have brought together everything that you need in order to send and receive payments online, giving you the power to make your money move however you want! The sky is the limit! After setting up an Apaylo account, users can send or receive money via mulitple payment rails (e-Transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer).

Welcome to the Apaylo Payment Hub

The Apaylo Payment Hub is our robust new payments platform that enables merchants to send and receive money from anywhere in Canada. Use Apaylo’s Payment Hub online platform and APIs to accept payments, send payouts, and make your money move online.

Intranetwork transactions settle fast.

Compatible with all banks and credit unions.

Send/receive and track payments.

Money transfers to other Apaylo merchants settle faster. Send and receive funds within the Apaylo network saving you time and money.

Quick, direct money transfers between different banks and credit unions is one of the biggest benefits of Apaylo.

Send and receive EFTs, send e-Transfers all in one simple to use dashboard. Track status of payments and reporting for all your reconciliation needs.

Send/Receive/Request payments

To initiate an EFT Payment, you need to get permission and bank account information from the vendor or customer from whom you would like to send or receive payment.

API or Batch filing

Some business workflows don’t require instantaneous data validations. There are some cases where weekly, monthly. or quarterly data validations fit the bill. If you’ve integrated with our API, your validations can happen in-house. However, if an API integration isn’t right for you, our batch processing system will likely meet your needs.

24 hour settlement

Transactions are processed on the same day that they are received providing you with a 24 hour settlement on any transactions that are sent or received.

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