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Unlock the potential of digital payments with Apaylo, a comprehensive solution tailored for modern businesses. Our offerings are designed to simplify transactions, minimize risks, and provide seamless user experiences.

A versatile electronic system designed to process large transactions, with the capability to transfer up to $2MM per day. Serving businesses with sizeable B2B and B2C transactions, it ensures direct, secure settlements and provides non-recourse benefits for pushed funds.
A swift electronic method that facilitates both the sending and receiving of funds up to $10,000 almost instantaneously. Tailored for businesses engaged in smaller B2B and B2C transactions, offering near real-time settlements and the immediate availability of non-recourse funds.
A comprehensive system perfect for both sending and receiving domestic and international B2B and B2C transactions. Businesses benefit from same-day settlements and can exercise enhanced due diligence for larger transfers.
Apaylo is a state-of-the-art technology platform, that enables businesses with innovative solutions across various payment rails and currency types. Apaylo leverages a robust payee list that enables merchants to have instant access to the Billpay network in Canada. With fast settlement times and higher per transaction limits, Billpay is an excellent option for invoice payments, recurring payment from customers to merchants and payments to vendors and supplier payees.
An innovative system on the horizon, set to empower businesses by facilitating payments from over 100 countries in numerous currencies. Aimed at businesses with a global vision, it promises swift and efficient settlements.
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At Apaylo, we're shaping the next generation of payment solutions.

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Born from a passion to innovate the fintech space, our broad technology stack and strong banking partnerships offer a one-stop solution to all your payment needs.

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At Apaylo, relationships come first. Our commitment to cooperation, fairness, expertise, simplicity, and trust underpins every transaction, every solution,
every interaction.

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Our open banking technology,
coupled with a passionate team, crafts best-in-class merchant experiences that are aligned with modern business demands.

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“Apaylo has been an amazing payments partner for our company over the past year and a half. Their service level and dedication to their clients is unmatched! Highly recommend.”

Mike Nasser

“As a Money Service Business, we have had our challenges with the high costs of traditional banks and service restrictions that hindered our growth. We have been using Apaylo for a while now and it is meeting all our business needs. The service level is superb especially when compared to other payment processors we have used in the past. Highly recommended!”

Sam Mokbel

“The quality of top tier banking experts combined with the personal customer service of a smaller company. Apaylo has been the perfect fit for a payment rail for us.”

Peter Durovic

“Apaylo has a very strong team and amazing customer service. We thoroughly enjoy working with them and offering a great customer experience. When it comes to payments, Apaylo does it best!”

Jon Lister

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