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Unlock the potential of digital payments with Apaylo, a comprehensive solution tailored for modern businesses.

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Our offerings are designed to simplify transactions, minimize risks, and provide seamless user experiences. API integrations are available for all of our features.

Solutions for every payment method

From instant small-scale transactions to international exchanges, our platforms have you covered for every financial move.


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

A versatile electronic system designed to process large transactions, with the capability to transfer up to $2MM per day. Serving businesses with sizeable B2B and B2C transactions, it ensures direct, secure settlements and provides non-recourse benefits for pushed funds.
Blue Bullet
Transfer and receive significant amounts up to $2MM per day.
Blue Bullet
Ideal for large-scale B2B and B2C transactions.
Blue Bullet
Direct and secure processing with options for "push" or "PAD".

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Powered by powerful payment tools

Seamless payment integrations, centralized transaction management, and cutting-edge tools tailored for modern business needs.

Merchant Admin Portal

A centralized platform designed for transaction management, giving businesses a clear overview and control of their transactions. It allows for manual processing, batch uploads, and detailed report viewing.

API Service Integration

A powerful integration tool providing full API endpoints. Businesses can seamlessly integrate payment processes into their branded web or apps, streamlining operations and elevating user experiences.

Business Tools (Coming Soon!)

A package of modern tools tailored for contemporary business needs. From checking crypto wallets to integrating extensive KYC / KYB / KYT procedures, this set is geared to optimize business operations.