The rapid rise in As-a-service firms (which are API-driven services for customers that commonly connect at an endpoint via a web-based console) have transformed the landscape of paytech and fintech; but it has not been an entirely smooth process without its own sets of challenges.

A compelling article by renowned international management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. ( puts forth problems that as-a-service providers are facing- plus also specific recommendations as to how these issues can be addressed.

Over the past several decades, firms in a diverse array of industries have had the time and resources to develop and perfect their management and operational structures; and quality control issues pertaining to delivering their products/services. However, because the as-a-service space is still relatively new, there is still a long way to go in developing the processes and practices in this particular market. The quote-to-cash journey- aka the route that starts out with an initial quote and ends when payment is taken for a product/service- remains an incredibly complex beast with many different variables at play. This process requires comprehensive collaboration from different units and departments within a firm. Issues can and will arise anywhere along the service delivery path; and adopting a streamlined, integrated approach in the following four key areas can help to reduce tensions and make the process flow smoother:

Conclusively, in tandem with utilizing employee talent; making maximum use of process automation and CRM databases plus adopting a standardized system of service delivery can ensure that employee talent and company resources are fully deployed; and therefore, your firm is operating at an optimal level of efficiency.

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