Canadian Paytech News – Apaylo Fireside Chat · Apaylo Fireside Chat: Jon Lister (Satstreet)

Shea Malcolmson Market and Client Experience Lead at Apaylo Finance Technology Inc. sat down for the very first Apaylo Fireside Chat, a short, informal conversation with interesting folks from the fintech/paytech industry in Canada and beyond. Whether it is talking about the payment industry in Canada, cryptocurrencies, EFT Payments (Electronic Funds Transfers), ACH Payments (Automated Clearing House) and EMT Payments (Email Money Transfers) we dive into conversations and the culture of making money move – finance, technology and disruption. Join us!

Today’s episode is with Jon Lister, co-founder of Satstreet – Canada’s largest-growing brokerage in the crypto space.

We talk about bitcoin, find out “what are Sats?”, discuss the future of bitcoin in Canada and where Satstreet is headed for 2021! Listen now!