Apaylo’s Top 3 Compliance Consulting Partners (seriously)

Look I get it. You’re thinking to yourself. Compliance? Trust me. You can save big dollars , using sense . This is even more true when you work in heavily regulated industries like financial services and partner with industries that are kind of out there…Crypto, online gaming, cannabis, money services businesses (the list goes on). […]

Apaylo Fireside Chat: Jon Lister from Satstreet

Canadian Paytech News – Apaylo Fireside Chat · Apaylo Fireside Chat: Jon Lister (Satstreet) Shea Malcolmson Market and Client Experience Lead at Apaylo Finance Technology Inc. sat down for the very first Apaylo Fireside Chat, a short, informal conversation with interesting folks from the fintech/paytech industry in Canada and beyond. Whether it is talking about […]

Payments With Purpose And The Birth Of An Industry

It isn’t all bad news. As we enter 2021, we are surrounded by the awful social unrest and unease that are a result of both a deadly virus that attacks the immune system of our bodies and an even more deadly viral assault on the immune system of Democracy in North America.  Despite that, it […]

How Much Does That Christmas Cheque You Got, REALLY Cost?

This 2016 article from the Ottawa Citizen highlights a public opinion research report commissioned by Public Works and Government Services Canada, which asked about 500 Canadians what they thought about re-loadable cards. It seems that the federal government was considering handing out pre-paid cards to Canadians to receive federal benefit payments via direct deposit or […]

Payments Canada Canadian Payments: Methods and Trends Report 2020

Payments Canada Canadian Payments: Methods and Trends Report 2020 In 2019, the total payments market in Canada grew to 22 billion consumer and business transactions worth $9.9 trillion. Here are some key takeaways… Overall, cheque volume decreased by 12 per cent and seven per cent in value from 2018. Of note, consumer cheque usage dropped […]

Fintech News: Federal Government Re-Opens Open Banking Consultations

Exciting industry news that makes 2020 a little less dark and depressing: it was recently announced that Canada’s Department of Finance has resumed special open banking consultations with industry stakeholders, after initially postponing them due to Covid-19. Canadian Senator Colin Deacon- who represents Nova Scotia and sits as an Independent- took to Twitter earlier this month […]

Digital Currencies and Central Banks: What You Need to Know

The rapid advancement and development of digital currencies has extended its reach beyond the private sector- as governments are now involving themselves in integrating digital currencies into their formal policies and operations. A recently published report entitled Central bank digital currencies: foundational principles and core features was produced by the central banks of seven different […]

4 Winning Ways to Streamline Delivery Processes in As-a-Service Firms

The rapid rise in As-a-service firms (which are API-driven services for customers that commonly connect at an endpoint via a web-based console) have transformed the landscape of paytech and fintech; but it has not been an entirely smooth process without its own sets of challenges.