Bill Payment Services

Bill Payment Services from Apaylo enables your organization to accept payments in customers’ preferred channels; provide payment reminders; provide customized, multilingual call flow scripts; and offer automated conversational interactive voice response system and customer service representative-assisted models.

Bill Payment Services to meet your needs

People want to manage their bills and payments how, when and where they want, seamlessly integrating these tasks into their lives. Meet your customers in their preferred billing and payment channels – mobile, online, phone, in-person or mail – while reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and promoting customer self-service. For instance, create an online vendor account, short term loans, micropayments.

Save Money

Go Paperless

Accept Any Payments

Bill Payment services can save your company money by reconciling your accounts receivables faster and will reduce chargebacks and fees.

Save your company time and money by providing customers with digital bill payment services. Those are not the only benefits, going paperless helps the planet and encourages a germ-free payment ecosystem.

Accept payments of any type to 100% of Canadian financial institutions.

Send/Receive/Request payments

To initiate an EFT Payment, you need to get permission and bank account information from the vendor or customer from whom you would like to send or receive payment.

API or Batch filing

Some business workflows don’t require instantaneous data validations. There are some cases where weekly, monthly. or quarterly data validations fit the bill. If you’ve integrated with our API, your validations can happen in-house. However, if an API integration isn’t right for you, our batch processing system will likely meet your needs.

24 hour settlement

Transactions are processed on the same day that they are received providing you with a 24 hour settlement on any transactions that are sent or received.

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