01. Send/Receive/Request payments

Send and receive EMT at any time or any place, without the need to visit your local banking branch.

02. API or Batch filing

Some business workflows don’t require instantaneous data validations. There are some cases where weekly, monthly. or quarterly data validations fit the bill. If you’ve integrated with our API, your validations can happen in-house. However, if an API integration isn’t right for you, our batch processing system will likely meet your needs.

03. 24 hour settlement

Transactions are processed on the same day that they are received providing you with a 24 hour settlement on any transactions that are sent or received.

EMT payments to meet your needs

EMT is an excellent option for businesses that want to make payments to another organization quickly, that have a lot of recurring bills, or that tend to deal with the same vendors and clients on a regular basis. For instance, rent collection online, paying membership fees online, and payments for regular shipments from the same supplier are all much more streamlined with EMT payments.

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