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A versatile electronic system designed to process large transactions, with the capability to transfer up to $2MM per day. Serving businesses with sizeable B2B and B2C transactions, it ensures direct, secure settlements and provides non-recourse benefits for pushed funds.
A swift electronic method that facilitates both the sending and receiving of funds up to $10,000 almost instantaneously. Tailored for businesses engaged in smaller B2B and B2C transactions, offering near real-time settlements and the immediate availability of non-recourse funds.
A comprehensive system perfect for both sending and receiving domestic and international B2B and B2C transactions. Businesses benefit from same-day settlements and can exercise enhanced due diligence for larger transfers.
A state-of-the-art digital currency solution, enabling businesses to both send out and accept payments in various cryptocurrencies. Conversion of received crypto to CAD is streamlined, ensuring efficient operations and near real-time access.
An innovative system on the horizon, set to empower businesses by facilitating payments from over 100 countries in numerous currencies. Aimed at businesses with a global vision, it promises swift and efficient settlements.