Benefits of Receiving Email Money Transfers (EMT)

Receiving email money transfers

Product Summary

Apaylo, a versatile financial platform, offers an Email Money Transfer (EMT) or e-transfer product that allows businesses to receive funds quickly and efficiently through Interac’s email money transfer system. This product provides a streamlined solution for transferring funds, with the capacity to move up to $25,000 CDN per transaction. The transactions are processed in near real-time, providing a 24-hour settlement window. Key features include the ability to receive e-transfers using a unique business email address, request e-transfers for recurring payments or subscription services, and incorporate auto-deposit functionality for added convenience. Moreover, Apaylo’s system allows integration into various business workflows, supporting both instantaneous data validations and periodic validations based on business needs.

Product Use Cases

  1. Remittance Company Collecting using Email Money Transfers

E-transfers play a crucial role in remittance company collections, especially for merchants assisting Canadians in transferring money overseas to their families. Apaylo facilitates quick and secure fund transfers within Canada, providing an efficient means to send funds to international destinations. The non-recourse nature of e-transfers ensures immediate availability of funds to the merchants, enabling same-day processing and facilitating timely support for families in need worldwide. Integration of e-transfers into merchant apps and websites through Apaylo’s API integration further enhances the user experience and expands the reach of the service.

  1. Subscription Services Monthly Collections using Email Money Transfers

For merchants offering subscription-based services, e-transfers with request money functionality prove to be invaluable. This feature allows merchants to seamlessly request funds from their clients, especially for recurring payments associated with subscription services. The automated and batched request money capability offered by Apaylo’s API services streamlines billing processes, enhancing operational efficiency. While it’s important to note that request money e-transfers may incur additional fees from Interac, the convenience and automation they offer make them a pivotal product offering for merchants in subscription-based businesses.

Compliance Considerations

While email money transfers provide a convenient and rapid way to transfer funds, ensuring compliance with security measures is paramount. Here are some important compliance considerations for users of Apaylo’s e-transfer product:

Password Security: Fraudsters can intercept email money transfers if they obtain passwords. Regularly changing unique passwords and considering auto-deposit functionality can help safeguard clients’ funds.

Avoid Unusual Payment Patterns: Be cautious about accepting multiple payments of equal amounts from the same client within a short period, as this might raise suspicions and lead to compliance issues. Such patterns could be indicative of attempts to evade transaction reporting limits or misuse the platform.

Transaction Monitoring: Implement effective transaction monitoring rules to detect unusual activity, such as multiple users sending via the same email or single users sending via multiple emails. This helps identify potential risks and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.


In conclusion, Apaylo’s e-transfer product offers a powerful and flexible solution for businesses seeking efficient fund transfers. Whether facilitating remittance collections or managing subscription services, the product’s features and capabilities enhance convenience and streamline operations. However, maintaining compliance with security and regulatory guidelines is imperative to ensure a safe and reliable transaction experience for all users.

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