Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services from Apaylo help you mitigate against payment risk. Payment risk is thе risk оf loss due tо ѕоmе payment event such as a fraudulent transaction. Companies thаt handle a high volume оf online payments face thiѕ risk and face the event rebounding оn thе company. Apaylo helps your company with an extra layer of security through our strategic partners, providing you with the option of basic or enhanced risk management services.

Risk Management Services to meet your needs

We work closely with you to identify your risk management needs and then provide your company with the tools and controls to actively manage payment system risk. You may take advantage of any or all of the options available and, as your risk management needs change, easily adjust program parameters.

Industry best practices

Reduce chargebacks

Rapid response

Our services are tailored to your institution’s needs. By combining processing scale, advanced technology, and years of risk management experience, we can provide you with a complete fraud management program at an affordable cost.

Reduce losses and lower administrative expense associated with managing fraud.

Our Risk Management Services provide monitoring against key FINTRAC AML/ATF triggers, over 2,000 global watchlists and saction lists are scanned. Any risks are flagged and Regulatory Reporting is prepared in real-time.

Send/Receive/Request payments

To initiate an EFT Payment, you need to get permission and bank account information from the vendor or customer from whom you would like to send or receive payment.

API or Batch filing

Some business workflows don’t require instantaneous data validations. There are some cases where weekly, monthly. or quarterly data validations fit the bill. If you’ve integrated with our API, your validations can happen in-house. However, if an API integration isn’t right for you, our batch processing system will likely meet your needs.

24 hour settlement

Transactions are processed on the same day that they are received providing you with a 24 hour settlement on any transactions that are sent or received.

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