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To get started fill out the form on the bottom of this page and click submit. Our team will quickly review your business case and ensure that everything is all set before we send you access to the sandbox for development.

02. Review the terms of use and sign our agreement

No need to go through the hassle of lengthy contracts and hard to understand pricing. We made it very simple! You pay one subscription fee to access our APIs on our one-stop payment platform – payable after your end-to-end test is completed. Only pay for transactions you make! No minimums. No lengthy contracts. No hidden fees. Very simple, very straightforward and do as many transactions as you would like!

03. Next business day settlement

Transactions are processed by next business day from when they are received providing you with a fast settlement time on any transactions that are sent or received using the Test Drive payment platform.

API payments to meet your needs

Our API is an excellent option for businesses that want to make payments to another organization quickly, that have a lot of recurring bills, or that tend to deal with the same vendors and clients on a regular basis. For instance, rent collection online, paying membership fees online, and payments for regular shipments from the same supplier are all much more streamlined with API-driven payments. Let’s Connect

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