What Is The Payment Hub?


What is the Payment Hub?


One payment platform to rule them all!

The Apaylo Payment Hub is a payments-as-a-service platform that allows merchants to send and receive money online using our three core payment rails: Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs credit/debit), Email Money Transfers/e-Transfers (EMT send) and Bill Pay. 
Apaylo has brought together everything that you need in order to easily send and receive payments from your customers online, giving you the power to make your money move however you want! The sky is the limit!

Payment Hub Functions:

How does this payment platform compare to other systems and will it do everything me and my business needs require? Both are good questions! Let’s cover all bases. There are more than 3 bases so let’s start!

Monitor Account Balances

Much like accounting software, Payment Hub monitors account balances and reserves with a clear view of your available funds and reserves to ensure you know exactly where your financial standings are at any given time – making payment reconciliation, easy.

Batch EFTs (credit and debit)

You can manage both your credit and debit EFTs by filling in our templated spreadsheet which then is uploaded directly into the Payment Hub where it will be itemized so you can stay organized and on track. You can also generate all kinds of reports to track various statuses of transactions making reporting, tracking, and measuring how well your business is doing simple.

In-portal Payments

Just EFTs you ask? Nope! You can also initiate an e-Transfer to a customer or supplier, track the status of the payment and see in near real-time where your funds are at. Our reporting makes it fast, and easy to pull any reports for any given time period. Oh, did we forget to mention it? We are compatible with banks, credit unions and other financial institutions!

Search Function

Once your information is itemized, you can utilize the Payment Hub’s easy search function to find any detail you need like customer name, dates, amounts and more in a fast and easy-on-the-eyes format saving you time so you can focus on your business.

Internal Transfers

One cool feature to note is if you work with someone within the Apaylo network, transactions can happen in seconds! Internal transfers are fast, efficient and secure!

Open API

If you want to customize your payment flow, simply access the Apaylo sandbox and use any of Apaylo’s payment API. The Payment Hub is easily broken up and reassembled to fit your custom needs. All of the power and functionality of the Apaylo Payment Hub is available in API format. We support the open banking framework and leverage our technology so you benefit!

So, let’s break down these Payment Hub functions real quick:

  • Monitor account balances and reserves,
  • Send credit and debit EFTs using a simple batch file upload,
  • Send an in-portal one-off e-Transfer or single credit EFT,
  • Reporting for all our payment rails (EFT, EMT, Bill Pay),
  • Easily searchable database,
  • Near instant intranetwork transactions,
  • Open API.

Who uses the Payment Hub?

Are you a merchant or business that sends a lot of Email Money Transfers (EMTs)/e-Transfers or Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs)? Do you struggle with payment services? Offer subscription-based services or have a need for recurring payments? Sell goods and services but tired of paying hefty transaction fees associated with credit cards? Want more payment options to boost client sales? Have complex payment flows that you’d like simplified? Or just want your payment process to become much simpler to minimize error or losses?

Well, you’re in luck! The Payment Hub does all of this and more!

What industries do we serve?

  1. Web and mobile app developers/software developers,
  2. Open banking fintechs,
  3. Payment processors,
  4. Engineering & logistics companies,
  5. Remittance companies,
  6. Money transfer companies,
  7. Currency exchanges,
  8. Money service businesses,
  9. Blockchain businesses,
  10. Online e-commerce businesses,
  11. Cannabis industry.

Why use the Payment Hub?

The Payment Hub has the ability to send and receive all of your e-Transfers with literally any bank or credit union to any registered user, simplifies large volumes of EFTs, and offers the ability to handle subscription payments and refunds, all while leaving you in more control than ever! Aside from the tools, Apaylo also provides you with payments expertise and supports your business with service excellence and years of payments knowledge so that you can be in control AND make the most informed decisions for your own business to succeed. 

With our over 120 years of banking experience, service excellence, payments expertise, ready-to-use B2B, B2C and C2B API abilities, near-instant transaction speeds, and a design that simplifies any complex payment flow or system, all while saving a lot on dev fees and transaction fees – who wouldn’t switch over to the Payment Hub by Apaylo?

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