Why Apaylo Is In Business: Interview With Chairman Gary Seveny

Interview with Gary Seveny, Chairman, Apaylo Finance Technology Inc. (Apaylo)

Why Apaylo Is In Business?

Apaylo is a fintech operating within the payments sector, which is a fast-growing sector of financial services.  Apaylo’s core purpose is to serve the evolving payment needs of business merchants and their customers.  We, at Apaylo, want businesses to grow, get paid using the payments rails they select and contribute to the communities they serve.  We do this with our payments’ platform which contains innovative bank-to-bank technology, including Email Money Transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer and Bill Payment.

Apaylo’s business strategy is to provide simple, secure, cost-effective, and risk-verified electronic payments to small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) who want or need an alternative to the traditional credit card payment providers, while ensuring that their customers can use bank-to-bank existing infrastructure, directly from their online banking.

The businesses we serve have domestic and international payments requirements. Apaylo wants to serve their evolving needs, as our collaboration with Canadian businesses is a way to profile our corporate values of trust, teamwork, and innovation.

Apaylo’s motto is “Get Paid. Period. Simple, secure, cost-effective and risk-verified payments platform”. Our motto resonates well with Canadian businesses and the communities they serve, providing them with a digital platform for pay-in and pay-out payments.

What Makes The Team Unique?

Apaylo’s team is unique and really committed to doing good for Canadian businesses and communities.  Each team member shares our common goal, and it is this – to serve the payments needs of businesses throughout Canada, creating a business-first experience.  We are driven by the notion of service as a way to help others grow and thrive in business.

A recent national survey on small businesses and financial services indicates that over half of the respondents feel stressed while interacting with the financial services sector.  Every team member at Apaylo has a passion to de-stress the financial technology associated with nearly every aspect of our daily lives!

What Are Your Personal Values?

I have spent the last 50 years in the co-operative system, as President & CEO of Alterna Bank & Savings, Chairman of Yorkville Asset Management, Director at TelPay, just to name a few examples.  As such, I believe in collaboration and doing good for others.  The more we collaborate with Canadian businesses, helping them understand the financial sector and assisting them with their pain points, the more we benefit as a society.

I also enjoy the human interaction of working with talented people from across the country, and beyond, in a virtual setting.  To think how far technology has come during my career and its impact on future-proofing businesses and the work environment.  Technology, it is safe to say, was changing the very nature of work even before the pandemic.  Innovation is re-shaping the basis for a competitive market, where more businesses can participate and win, and this includes attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent in order for businesses and communities to thrive.  This is what really appeals to me with what Apaylo is doing!

Where Do We Do Business?

We deal with Canadian-based business clients and their customers.  From time to time, these businesses have the need to remit funds to family and friends overseas.  So, our platform provides for these international remittances as well.  There is a huge opportunity for organizations like Apaylo to make a difference globally as the need of Canadian businesses and communities continue to grow and evolve.

What Is Our Payments Platform?

We are considered as a one stop shop for payments. Our payments as a service platform offers more than just our three core products – Email Money Transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer and Bill Payments.  Having listened to the evolving needs of businesses, we have deployed an international remittance capability as well.  Additionally, the businesses we serve have asked for more and better technology, which we are constantly responding to.

How Do We Help Businesses Get Paid?

As a services provider, we listen to the evolving needs of our business clients.  They want better, quicker, and cheaper technology and a payments platform that is competitive, easy to use, and friction-free.  Our sustained investment in technology and personnel does exactly that!  Equally important, we are in the people business.  Relationships matter.  We serve our customers in such a way that they appreciate us, and we continue to do good.  The notion of serving our business clients is central to our existence at Apaylo.

Challenges Along The Way?

“Never any challenges, only opportunities”.  Change is a constant, and as the payments arena continues to evolve, Apaylo will stay at the forefront.

Where Do You See Payments In 5 Years?

While there is an overabundance of ideas and speculation, no one really knows.  This space is moving and evolving very quickly.  Saying this, Apaylo will continue to lead the pack!!!

If your company could benefit from working with Apaylo, reach out and set up a call!

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